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Our new honeymoon Chalet is ideal for couples or families. Features such as a Jacuzzi Tub and a unique two story layout will make your stay a memorable one...
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Mineral Content:
  Calcium (Ca) 43.2 P.P.M
  Magnesium (Mg) 13.8 P.P.M
  Sulphate (SO4) 60.1 P.P.M
  Chloride (Cl) 20.2 P.P.M
  Silica (SiO2) 14.1 P.P.M
  Fluoride (F) 1.2 P.P.M
Canyon Hot Spring Resort LTD.
35 km East of Revelstoke, BC
Box 2400 Revelstoke BC - V0E 2S0
Ph:  1(250) 837-2420
Fax: 1(250) 837-3171
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